"Living the Music" Legal Disclaimer Agreement

 "Living the Music" Legal Disclaimer Agreement

This Agreement, entered into by Llewellyn the Fit Foodie LLC (referred to as "LisN") and individuals ("Users") utilizing the "Living the Music" feature within the LisN application, delineates the parameters of engagement with this feature.

Agreement Upon Utilizing the "Living the Music" Feature:

This agreement is automatically initiated and becomes effective upon the user's utilization of the "Living the Music" feature within the LisN application.

Purpose of Feature:
The "Living the Music" feature, an integral part of the LisN app, is explicitly intended for entertainment purposes. Users, by engaging with this feature, explicitly acknowledge that LisN assumes no liability for any actions, decisions, or resultant consequences stemming from the use of this entertainment feature.

Release of Liability:
Users, in unequivocal terms, absolve, waive, and discharge LisN, along with its affiliates and representatives, from any and all liability, claims, damages, or responsibilities arising from their utilization of the "Living the Music" feature, extending to both present and future occurrences.

Safety Emphasis:
An explicit emphasis is placed on safety. LisN strongly advocates for the adherence to traffic laws and regulations. Users are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol, drugs, medications, or any impairing substances while operating any form of motor vehicle. The failure to adhere to these safety measures may result in severe harm or fatality.

Acceptance of Terms:
Users, upon acceptance of these terms, not only acknowledge but also expressly agree to release LisN from all present and future liabilities, whether identified or unforeseen, related to their engagement with the "Living the Music" feature.

Legal Enforcement Provisions:
LisN maintains the right to pursue any necessary legal measures to enforce the provisions articulated within this Agreement.

Contact Us:

For any inquiries, clarifications, or concerns regarding this Agreement or the use of the "Living the Music" feature within the LisN application, please contact us at lisn2uradio@gmail.com. We welcome your feedback and aim to address any questions you may have regarding this Agreement.