SOL Disrupts Streaming Music Market with 100% Human Music Curation: Embracing Human Expertise to Keep U LisNing

Written on 11/29/2023

SOL (Formerly LisN) pioneers authentic music discovery through human-curated playlists, connecting listeners to heartfelt beats, and content.

Music isn't just a melody; it's a journey that resonates with our souls. SOL (Formerly LisN) curators craft experiences, not let algorithms choose what our heart loves. LisN is connecting hearts to the music and us.”— Llewellyn Christian - Founder & CEO
BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2023 / -- SOL (Formerly LisN), the forefront music streaming platform, is trailblazing a transformative path in music engagement by prioritizing 100% human music curators. This strategic initiative has poised LisN at the pinnacle of the industry, fundamentally altering how audiences immerse themselves in and explore music.

In an age governed by algorithms and pre-programmed playlists, SOL (Formerly LisN) stands as a beacon, championing the expertise and passion of human music enthusiasts. Through an ensemble of dedicated curators, LisN guarantees that every note, playlist, and musical revelation resonates with authentic zeal and profound understanding of artists and their craft.

"[Music] transcends sound; it's a voyage of emotions, a channel to the artist's soul," emphasized Llewellyn Christian - Founder & CEO of SOL (Formerly LisN). "Amidst the saturation of automated playlists, SOL (Formerly LisN) acknowledges the yearning for a human touch, a connection that strikes a chord with music aficionados. This is why LisN is dedicated to tailored curation, ensuring our users encounter music that truly speaks to their essence."

The fundamental question arises: what influences the music we embrace? SOL (Formerly LisN) asserts that it's the passion, emotion, and devotion of music connoisseurs who meticulously curate each playlist. These curators aren't merely experts; they serve as advocates for artists, weaving narratives through thoughtfully crafted playlists that transcend the ordinary, resonating deeply with LisN's audience.

"Through collaboration with individuals deeply impassioned by artists and their music, we redefine the essence of music curation," added Llewellyn - Founder & CEO of SOL (Formerly LisN). "These human curators aren't just creating playlists; they're orchestrating experiences that evoke emotions, and memories, and forge connections 

with the music that moves us."

SOL (Formerly LisN)'s unwavering commitment to human curation underscores its mission to disrupt the market, offering an unparalleled musical journey. With an unwavering focus on authenticity, emotion, and a genuine adoration for music, LisN emerges as the ultimate destination for those seeking profound connections with the music they cherish.

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About SOL (Formerly LisN):
SOL (Formerly LisN) is an avant-garde music streaming platform revolutionizing how individuals engage with music. By harnessing the expertise of passionate human music curators,SOL (Formerly LisN) ensures an authentic, emotion-driven musical odyssey that deeply resonates with its users.

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Music isn't just a melody; it's a journey that resonates with our souls. SOL (Formerly LisN) curators craft experiences, not let algorithms choose what our heart loves. SOL (Formerly LisN) is connecting hearts to the music and us.”

— Llewellyn Christian - Founder & CEO


EINPresswire-676531600-lisn-disrupts-streaming-music-market-with-100-human-music-curation-embracing-human-expertise-to-keep-u-lisning EINPresswire-676531600-lisn-disrupts-streaming-music-market-with-100-human-music-curation-embracing-human-expertise-to-keep-u-lisning