Renowned Artist M. Gobert Joins LisN for Exclusive Art Series M. Gobert X SOLch of LisN Art Atelier (Online Art Gallery)

Written on 12/10/2023

December 10, 2023 / -- LisN, the cutting-edge streaming platform, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the talented artist M. Gobert. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both the platform and the artist, introducing a series of contemporary digital art exclusively available on LisN's new feature, the "LisN Art Atelier."
Llewellyn Christian, the innovative founder of LisN, continues to redefine the streaming landscape with the platform's latest feature, the "LisN Art Atelier." This visionary move establishes an online art gallery, showcasing a plethora of captivating artworks. Christian's commitment to transforming the digital experience with art knows no bounds, and this new venture underscores LisN's dedication to fostering artistic expression in the digital realm.
Speaking about the collaboration, Llewellyn Christian remarked, "M. Gobert's artistic prowess aligns perfectly with our vision for LisN Art Atelier. We're thrilled to provide a platform for M. Gobert's visionary art, further enriching the artistic experience for our users." M. Gobert, a distinguished graduate from the renowned Academy of Art University, brings a wealth of creative expertise and innovation to this exclusive partnership. With an artistic journey marked by experimentation across various materials, mediums, and themes, Gobert has consistently delivered timeless images that captivate the viewer's Imagination.
Discussing the partnership, M. Gobert stated, "Joining forces with LisN is an exhilarating opportunity to showcase my contemporary style to a global audience. The collaboration with LisN's Art Atelier is a testament to the power of technology in bringing art to life in
new, exciting ways."
The Academy of Art University, nestled in San Francisco and known for its commitment to nurturing artistic talent, has been instrumental in shaping Gobert's artistic vision. The institution's emphasis on hands-on learning and fostering creativity has significantly influenced Gobert's journey as an artist.
Tragically, M. Gobert faced the loss of an entire art collection in a house fire, leaving only a M. Gobert's artistic prowess aligns perfectly with our vision for LisN Art Atelier. We're thrilled to be apart of M. Gobert's visionary art, further enriching the artistic experience for our users.” Llewellyn Christian - Founder & CEO a handful of surviving pieces. This adversity sparked a conversation between Llewellyn and Gobert, leading to a collaborative effort to leverage technology and artistic finesse to reintroduce and reimagine Gobert's creations.
"LisN's Art Atelier represents a new chapter in my artistic career," expressed M. Gobert. "My diverse experimentation with art materials and themes has culminated in creating artworks that resonate across time and space. This partnership is a fusion of technology and artistry, aiming to illuminate my creations in a unique digital landscape." 
The exclusive series of contemporary digital art by M. Gobert will mark a significant addition to LisN's diverse offerings, reflecting the platform's commitment to fostering creativity and innovation in the digital space. This partnership is a testament to the convergence of art, technology, and vision, promising an immersive and enriching experience for art enthusiasts worldwide.

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