LisN TV - Ball (A LisN Original)

Posted on 06/11/2024
56:19 |

"Ball" is an exhilarating crime drama that follows the story of Shawn Williamson III, played by Llewellyn the Fit Foodie. Shawn is the only son of a family that made its fortune through illegal drug trafficking. After being sent away to college to escape the life of crime, Shawn is forced to return home when a series of events unfold, leaving him with no choice but to take over the family business.

As he navigates through the dangerous underworld of drug trafficking, Shawn must rely on a combination of his street smarts and book knowledge to achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the top dog in the game. With his unwavering determination and sharp wit, Shawn makes allies and enemies along the way, all while trying to keep his family and himself safe.

As the pressure builds and the stakes get higher, Shawn's journey to "Ball" becomes a race against time, and he must make difficult choices that will determine the fate of his family and the future of their illegal empire.

With stunning visuals and heart-pumping action sequences, "Ball" is a gripping tale of power, loyalty, and the price of chasing the American Dream, all from the perspective of Shawn Williamson III.