LisN TV - The Beverly Hillbillies - Getting Settled

Posted on 03/31/2024
26:20 |

As the Clampetts settle into their lavish new abode in Beverly Hills, California, they find themselves grappling with modern amenities like refrigerators (much to Granny's chagrin, who remarks on the lengthy thawing time for a ham), ovens, and the peculiar concept of a "cement pond." Jed, in particular, wrestles with the realization that he raised his daughter, Elly May, as though she were a boy, a fact that he now regrets. Meanwhile, Jethro's encounter with a flamingo, mistaken for a chicken, raises suspicions in Jed's mind about Jethro's potential moonshine indulgences. Amidst this adjustment period, Miss Hathaway, the executive secretary to banker Milburn Drysdale, misunderstands the Clampetts' identities, mistaking Granny for a cook and Elly for a maid, presuming them to be domestic help rather than the affluent homeowners they are.