LisN TV - The Beverly Hillbillies - The Clampetts Strike Oil

Posted on 03/31/2024
25:26 | 3 views

Jed Clampett receives a visit from an oil company representative who informs him that the swamp behind his humble abode is teeming with oil. Intrigued, Jed's daughter, Elly May, captures the representative and queries if she can adopt him as a pet. Following this encounter, Mr. Brewster, the oil company's head, strikes a deal with Jed. Jed excitedly informs his cousin Pearl that he's promised to receive anywhere from 25 to 100 units of a mysterious "new kind of dollar." Suspicious, Pearl probes Jed about the nature of this currency, to which Granny, Jed's mother-in-law, confidently asserts, "Million dollars." Pearl jubilantly declares Jed a millionaire, echoing Brewster's earlier claim. Persuaded by Pearl, Jed agrees to relocate to Beverly Hills, California, albeit with some comical mispronunciations. Jethro, Pearl's son, is appointed as the chauffeur for the journey, which includes Jed, Elly May, and Granny. Upon their arrival, Granny grumbles about the supposedly lackluster hills, prompting Jed to console her by remarking that they'll finally be surrounded by their own kind. However, the Clampett family mistakes their lavish new residence for a penitentiary and confuses the estate's staff for inmates. This misunderstanding lands them in jail, but their banker, Milburn Drysdale, intervenes to secure their release. Yet, as Drysdale attempts to escort them to their mansion, the Clampetts flee in panic, fearing another stint behind bars.