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Posted on 12/06/2023
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Fluid! Verse I

In the distant future, a brilliant scientist (Thaddeus Blackmon) creates a revolutionary space-time fusion rocket. On its maiden voyage, the rocket malfunctions, propelling the scientist more than three million years into the future. After arriving in some new part of the Universe, out of nowhere, the scientist's spacecraft is intercepted by a small group of hostile aliens with unknown intentions. 

The aliens use the scientist as their subject for a series of dangerous experiments. With the fate of humankind in his hands, the scientist must find a way to escape and survive against the powerful aliens. He embarks on a thrilling journey through time and space, uncovering secrets that may unlock the power to save the world. 

Can the scientist overcome the odds and make it back to the present? Or will his mission end in tragedy? Join Llewellyn Christian as "Thaddeus Blackmon" on an epic sci-fi adventure as he fights to survive and uncover the truth behind his captors.

What will Thaddeus do when his life becomes...


"Life is a Movie, Shoot it!" ~ Llewellyn