LisN Policy for Requests from Public Authorities

At LisN, safeguarding user privacy and data protection is a top priority. We recognize the importance of handling requests from public authorities for user data with transparency, legal compliance, and a commitment to preserving user rights.

Policies in Place:

Transparent Process: LisN has established clear procedures for handling requests from public authorities for user data. These procedures are designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and adherence to legal requirements.

Legal Compliance: We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing data privacy and protection when responding to requests from public authorities. Our actions are guided by the principles of legality, necessity, proportionality, and user rights protection.

Processes for Handling Requests:

Assessment of Requests: LisN carefully assesses and evaluates each request received from public authorities for user data. We verify the validity and legality of such requests before considering any action.

Legal Review: All requests are subject to thorough legal review by our expert team to ensure they comply with relevant laws and regulations. This review ensures that the requests meet the necessary legal standards and justifications.

Data Minimization: LisN follows a policy of data minimization, providing only the specific user data that is essential and relevant to the request made by public authorities. We do not disclose excessive or unnecessary data.

User Notification: Where legally permissible, LisN notifies affected users about the request from public authorities before or after the release of their data, unless prohibited by law or court order.

Transparency Reports: LisN periodically publishes transparency reports or disclosures regarding the requests received from public authorities, while respecting legal restrictions on disclosure.

User Rights Protection:

LisN is committed to protecting user rights to the extent allowed by law. We strive to balance legal obligations with user privacy rights and work to limit any impact on user privacy while fulfilling legal requirements.

LisN maintains transparency with users about the circumstances under which their data might be shared with public authorities, as permitted by applicable laws and regulations.