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Spiritual and Mindful Practices with SOL Contributor Alicia Fletcher (Nourish in Nature)

Written on 01/24/2024
SOL Staff

Nourish in Nature

  **Resolution No. 4:**  Spend a healthy amount of time outdoors.

Nature is pure. Nature is alive. Nature is beautiful. Just like your spiritual self. Connecting to nature thus can be spiritually enriching!

An average person spends a whopping 90 percent of their time indoors. Our bodies are not designed to handle sitting and working inside all day. In fact, being cooped up inside all day can lead to a whole host of medical conditions. Take, for instance, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - a subtype of depression, associated with a Lack of exposure to natural sunlight.

Spending time in nature can look like

   - Watching sunrise or sunset

   - Strolling in a nearby park

   - Trekking and hiking

   - Simply lying under the sky

   - Mindfully touching plants and trees

   - Listening to the sounds of nature

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