Spiritual and Mindful Practices with LisN Contributor Alicia Fletcher (Mindful Eating)

Written on 01/24/2024
LisN Contributor Alicia Fletcher

No multi-tasking while eating
 Mindful eating means (i) Being aware of the nutritional value of your food and (ii) Engaging all your senses during meals. 
Food is more about satisfying hunger. It prevents disease, shapes our bodies, influences our thoughts and moods, and is a wonderful way to connect with our loved ones and share meaningful moments. Unfortunately, we have made eating just another chore that we do while glued to a screen. 
Mindful eating looks like
   - Introducing a variety of colorful foods.
   - Avoiding electronic devices during meals
   - Appreciating the smell, texture, temperature, color, and taste of the meal
   - Eating slowly and in small portions
   - Not skipping your mealtime
   - Expressing gratitude for the meal


LisN Contributor licia Fletcher