Doing business with LisN

Written on 12/13/2023
LisN Advertising

How to do business with LisN:

Advertising Opportunities:

Contact our advertising department to explore a range of advertising options including display ads, sponsored content, and promotional placements tailored to your marketing goals.

Audience Targeting:

Leverage LisN's detailed audience insights to tailor your advertising strategy. We offer targeted advertising solutions to ensure your message reaches the right audience segments.

Partnership Collaborations:

Collaborate with LisN for branded content, partnerships, or sponsorships to maximize brand visibility and engagement within our platform's ecosystem.

How to Promote Music on LisN:

Submit Your Music: Artists and labels can submit their tracks through our dedicated Lisn Contributor submission portal. Our team reviews submissions regularly, seeking diverse and exceptional music across genres.

Artist Spotlights & Features:

Engage with our platform by participating in artist spotlights, exclusive interviews, and featured playlists curated by our team. Showcasing your story can amplify your presence.

Promotional Campaigns:

Partner with LisN to launch promotional campaigns for your music releases. Benefit from our promotional channels, including social media, newsletters, and specialized music promotions.

How to Become a LisN Contributor:

Content Submission: Interested in contributing content? Share your proposals or samples of your work with our editorial team. We welcome diverse content, including articles, reviews, playlists, and video content.

Collaborative Opportunities:

Collaborate with LisN on content creation projects. We value partnerships that bring unique perspectives and engaging content to our audience.

How to Become a LisN Partner:

Partnership Proposals:

Submit partnership proposals outlining the nature and objectives of the collaboration. LisN seeks partnerships that align with our values and enhance the user experience.

Exploring Collaborative Ventures:

LisN is open to exploring joint ventures, technology integrations, or content-sharing partnerships. Reach out to discuss potential collaborations that benefit both parties.

Other Categories:

Event Sponsorships: Partner with LisN for event sponsorships, product placements, or collaborations during live events hosted or supported by our platform.

Technology Integration:

For tech companies, explore opportunities for API integrations, app partnerships, or tech-focused collaborations to enhance the LisN user experience.

Community Engagement:

Engage with our community through initiatives such as guest hosting, community-driven events, or content curation projects that resonate with our audience.

Reach out today: