SOL: Sound of Life Media Overview App (IOS & Android), and Web Support Information

Written on 12/15/2023
SOL Technical Staff


SOL: Sound of Life Media Overview
SOL: Sound of Life Media is your all-in-one audio control companion, designed to elevate your music experience across iOS, Android, and web-connected devices. Inspired by classic Mac software like Bowtie and Coversutra, SOL offers seamless music control and viewing capabilities.

Key Features
Unified Music Control: Controls and displays music playback from supported music apps.
Cross-Platform Compatibility: Crafted for intuitive music control across iOS, Android, and web platforms.
Nostalgic Inspiration: Inspired by beloved golden-age Mac software for a familiar and enjoyable experience.
System Requirements
iOS: SOL runs effortlessly on any iOS device with iOS 14 or later.
Android: Compatible with Android devices running Android 9 (Pie) or later.
Web: Works with modern web browsers with an internet connection.
Note: SOL is optimized for native apps and does not support web player versions or unofficial clients.
Developer Integration
For Developers: Offering integration capabilities with SOL on iOS, Android, and web browsers.
Support for Other Apps
Compatibility Expansion: While SOL aims to expand its compatibility, not all apps currently support the technology utilized for fetching information and controlling playback. The following apps are not supported at this time:
YouTube Music
Amazon Music
Sonos Player

Request Integration:

  • To request SOL support for additional apps or for any queries, please contact Your feedback is crucial, and we are committed to enriching your SOL experience across all platforms.

SOL Technical Staff